Equinox afternoon, the river is full after recent rain. The main current is fast and deep, i explore the edges where the inside of a meander is slower and the water actually travels back upstream. There’s a large root reaching out from the bank, catching leaves and catkins, i rest the neck of the guitar [...]

early november

Following the rapid flooding of the valley, where a herd of horses were marooned in the field opposite, the rivers course is strangely visible, detritus washed downstream, undergrowth flattened and the water clear, blue and in the shade, dark. Dulais means the black-blue river, and today, it is…
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Waking Pan Whilst Glyn Vivian Gallery was in a process of major refurbishment a number of artists were invited to respond to the building in transition whilst the collection was removed and taken into storage. In the summer of 2011, on a tour of Glyn Vivian Gallery with Archivist Raymond Jones, we came across a […]

calling tree

bloomsburyCalling Tree is a peripatetic performance project that engages with places, people and wild life and attempts to reveal complex webs of ecological relationships and atmospheres present through a series of performance residencies in significant urban trees. Beginning in 2014 in a large sentinel oak tree in Betws Y Coed in [...]


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Off Site Project for Oriel Davies, Newtown Powys, Wales. 4 March 2010 “During the winter of 2005 I spent 3 weeks in Northern Quebec on the Rouge Matawan hunting reserve in the Laurentian hills as part of an artists’ residency exchange with Wales based group ointment and Boreal Art Natur Quebec. An enduring memory of […]


PINGS springs directly from the geographical distance between two collaborators. Working directly from their locales they explore the physical space between them through rivers and air and a range of other terrains with their own qualities, such as the web, phone, post, and the less tangible links of memory and synchronicity. In January 2008 the […]



Over 23 days in September 2002 i walk from home in Abercych along the old cattle drover’s roads to Smithfield market in London. Accompanied by fellow artist Peter Bodenham and his Jack Russell terrier, Gertie we push a stuffed goose in a hand cart we walk over 300 miles along paths, [...]

dulais dusk

Dulais Dusk consists of a video of Whitehead’s guitar at 5-5.45pm GMT on November 8th on the banks of the river Dulais, West Wales. The video was presented with live sound treatments at 5-5.45pm at Loop Bar (23 Meyers Place, Melbourne, Australia) as part of the Electundra 2007 festival.


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Close to home, in Abercych, west Wales, I take to walking by a small river, realising more and more that we can work only where we happen to be, whatever we do, it will resonate both within our locality and beyond it. And so these short and intimate compositions have effect on, and are affected […]

walks to illuminate

A project developed in residence at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2005-2006. From walking the park at night Whitehead has developed small wearable light sculpture and shelters that illuminate the walker in the dark, whilst navigating the Park. At YSP Simon realised these sculptural pieces by inviting couples: lovers, friends, parents and children, neighbours and strangers [...]

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Friday November 14th 2004, 7pm: Transmission from Carn Llwyd, 185 metres above sea level, Preseli, West Wales. Reception at Free Space, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. Saturday November 15th 2004, 7pm: Transmission from Cesig duon, sea level, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, West Wales. Reception at Free Space, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. TRANSMISSION: rutland 503 portable wind […]

brenin (king)

Commissioned from BBC Wales for a new series of performance for film from Wales based artists. Breninwas made in September 2003 by Pembrokeshire based performance artist / choreographer Simon Whitehead with film director Margaret Constantas and composer Barnaby Oliver. Words by Elvis Presley. Background On 5 June 2000, Cardiff academic Terry Breverton published ‘evidence’ that […]

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CYSGOD…shade, shelter , shadow an audio work. 2nd in a triptych of walking works led by a horse. ‘at dawn we followed a white horse from the field along lanes and into the city, she wore microphones in her ears.’ From the Eisteddfod field to a secret shelter the walker is led by the sound […]


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research: Stalks began in nov 2000 when Whitehead followed feral and domestic animals across the city of Barcelona, notating their routes. performance: First shown at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, May 2001. CD ROM version produced September 2001. Second live showing at Chapter Arts Centre, November 2001 In spring 2001 Whitehead approached and followed 4 men […]


g39, Cardiff April 11-14 programme: ‘homings incorporates three diverse, but intersecting process strands and geographies; part meditation on the desire to roam and the equal longing to return home, this work combines sound, video and gathered materials as place,memory and presence with the paradox nature of perception through movement. Seeking a home in the indeterminate, […]


location: Tinahely Courthouse Centre, Co. Wicklow, Eire dates: August 2001 On rare occasions, this side of the Irish Sea, it is possible to glimpse the Wicklow hills, 80 miles away. When the position of the falling sun in the West is right, the mountains appear in silhouette. A poetic glimpse of an invisible coastline, a […]


research: Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff, 2000 performance: na materials: roll of paper, mobile phones, microphones, speakers, electronics, guitar, ampifier, rowan tree, video camera and monitor, string, gaffa tape ..testing..is a body of studio research that is concerned with place-sensitive and kinaesthetic systems for physical and sonic performance. Looking directly towards generating work that deals with […]


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research: Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff, Clougha Pike Lancaster performance: Commissioned for the Between Nature: Ecology and Performance conference, Lancaster University August 2000. somasonic#2 taff was presented at the Stiwdio Theatre, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Sept 2000 materials: 2 mobile phones, 32 earphones, plants, glass bowls and sample jars, microphones (binaural stereo pair/ underwater microphone), 2 […]


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  materials: table, plastic horse, balloons, paper, video camera, monitor, microphones (2x PZM), biofeedback monitor, sound processing (wah pedal, digital delay, compressor), amplification Winter 1999. Field work on daily walks to a field of horses above village of St.Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire. Objects made from collected horsehair and hazel rods. Work installed at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff […]

tableland 2

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spring 1999. A research commission awarded by Chisenhale Dance Space, part resourced by the Bonnie Bird Award for Choreography, Laban Centre London. Beginning with a 4 day workshop / retreat with 12 dance artists in Tycanol woodland, Preseli hills Wales. Sound gathered from woods, material transported to Chisenhale. Over 4 days an interactive installation built […]

tableland 1

materials: table, radio microphone, wah pedal, amplification winter 1998. a table carried along the roads that encircle the Llanaelhaearn uplands, placed at intersections, a domestic object becoming landscape. Acts of belonging. Two tables turned, carried, choreographed, during a week in residency at Chapter arts centre, Cardiff. Tables installed with radio mics, recording/ amplifying interaction and […]

salt (halen)

research: Llyn Penninsula, North Wales Winter 1997. London Winter 1997 performance: Union Chapel Islington, March 1997. Chapter Art Centre, Cardiff, May 1997 (as part of the Welsh Independent Dance Festival). materials: lights, found objects, DAT, microphone, sound processing (Electroharmonix Bigmuff, spring reverb, digital reverb), amplification duration: c. 20-25 minutes salt (halen) developed from daily walks […]

folc land

    research: Llyn Penninsula, North Wales. Working title the lone (or long) lines performance: Commissioned by Chisenhale Dance Spance, London, 1997. Performances at Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff, Bangor University. materials: 2 rolls paper, hand held light (2 halogen), 3 floor lights , dead tree, DAT (tape of treated field recordings), microphone, sound processing (electroharmonix Bigmuff, analogue [...]

big muff

research: Place Theatre London, July 1996 performance: Welsh Eistedfodd, August 1996 materials: Fender Squire guitar, small amp, electroharmonix big muff duration: 1 hour The first collaboration between Simon Whitehead and Barnaby Oliver, this experimental work was developed through a period of research, supported by the Choreodrome at the Place Theatre, London in July 1996. A […]