early november

Following the rapid flooding of the valley, where a herd of horses were marooned in the field opposite, the rivers course is strangely visible, detritus washed downstream, undergrowth flattened and the water clear, blue and in the shade, dark. Dulais means the black-blue river, and today, it is…

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In 2009 we developed PINGS, a year long process of live performance exchange from our respective local rivers in Abercych west Wales and Melbourne, Australia. Approaching the river as an unbroken body of water through which we corresponded weekly, we used the web as an interface for public engagement. We were supported by an Artsadmin bursary and at the end of the process we met in person to perform together in Cardiff and London.

We have recently returned to our local rivers, the Dulais and Stoney Creek and we are currently making field recordings. Visiting the same places intermittently and accumulating a series of images in sound over time, there is no ultimate outcome to this work, other than to follow the process, to be led by the river, its changing states and its wider cosmology. The unfolding work operates as a conversation between artists and friends living at distance, whilst disclosing the river’s everywhereness…

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Waking Pan Whilst Glyn Vivian Gallery was in a process of major refurbishment a number of artists were invited to respond to the building in transition whilst the collection was removed and taken into storage. In the summer of 2011, on a tour of Glyn Vivian Gallery with Archivist Raymond Jones, we came across a […]

basic human needs

Last June we installed 2 of the coedmor sound pieces (young ravens with zither and gatewaind banjo) in an old shed on wheels overlooking Frenni Fawr and in the old barn, with speakers above head placed in an old bucket. The exhibition ‘Basic Human Needs’ took place at Blaenffos Permaculture market garden, hosted by Debbie Rees and Julian Mckenny;’The exhibition Basic Human Needs considers as a starting point Chilean ecological economist Manfred Max Neefs’ concept of fundamental human needs, how we try to satisfy those needs and how those needs might be satisfied in a way that is positive for all life.’


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calling tree



Calling Tree is a peripatetic performance project that engages with places, people and wild life and attempts to reveal complex webs of ecological relationships and atmospheres present through a series of performance residencies in significant urban trees.

Beginning in 2014 in a large sentinel oak tree in Betws Y Coed in North Wales, the work has subsequently readapted to trees in Bruce Grove Park, Tottenham for LIFT 2016 and most recently in a number of mature Plane trees in a former cemetry, St. Georges Gardens in Central London as part the Bloomsbury Festival, October 2016.

Through long periods of inhabitation, often seasonal, aerial performers, dancers and singers develop a language of movement, song and agitation in and around chosen urban trees. The work engages with the social and environmental realm of each urban space, inviting conversation and participation from local communities, both through spontaneous conversations and relationships with schools and other local agencies.

Through a daily presence, the performance is constructed and composed within a public space, in view of passers by and park life. The work is sensitive to its social context and also draws on research into the particular bird life of each park and borough. Many of the songs, by Barnaby Oliver, are composed of the actual bird names present in each locality, cut up and arranged into new languages they are called out at intervals from the tree canopies by megaphone. Occuring at intervals are a series of running passages beneath the trees and across the ground, by artist and wild life educator Ben Stammers (sometimes he has been accompanied on these runs by local residents). Attached to his back are 3 megaphones pre-recorded with bird calls, both from local species and migrants. The runs create energetic and often surprising diversions and occur at regular intervals through performances that can last up to 4 hours.
In each performance Ben also spends time climbing trees throughout the park, or public space, listening and calling back to singing birds, often engaging in prolonged calls and responses. In St.Georges Gardens in October, Ben initiated a daily twilight conversation with blackbirds, which often lasted until night- fall.
Choreography and direction: Simon Whitehead and Rosemary Lee
Composition: Barnaby Oliver and Terry Mann
Co produced by Artsadmin.

Studies for Maynard

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Studies for Maynard Developed over 2 years this solo piece marks a return to a studio practice and emerges from an extended period of working from home in west Wales. The solo is a meditation on dislocation, the practices of making home and sheltering; referencing the biography of an embryo, the Apollo 9 mission, the […]

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studies for maynard

SCAN0038Studies for Maynard
by Simon Whitehead

A live dance installation, with movement, sound, image and a table…
1pm – 4pm

Exhibition format, call in at any time

25 April 2015

Free/ Am Ddim
Neuadd Aberycych Village Hall,
SA37 0HB

Resembling ephemeral line drawings and accumulated marks, these studies emerge from gestures, voice, narratives and the systematic movement of an object(a table, on which is inscribed the name ‘Maynard’). This work will combine elements of dance, sculpture, drawing, film and sound and will involve long term collaborator Sound Artist Barnaby Oliver and a new commission from Film maker Tanya Sayed.

Evening Concert

With Music and Dance from:

Ceri Rhys Matthews and Julie Murphy of Fernhill,
Ceri Owen Jones and Elsa Davies of deuair
Simon Whitehead

£6 on the door, children under 16 free

Refreshments by Jade Mellor of Wild Pickings

7.30pm start
Neuadd Abercych Village Hall, Pembrokeshire SA370HB


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