folc land



research: Llyn Penninsula, North Wales. Working title the lone
(or long) lines

performance: Commissioned by Chisenhale Dance Spance, London, 1997.
Performances at Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff, Bangor University.

materials: 2 rolls paper, hand held light (2 halogen), 3 floor lights
, dead tree, DAT (tape of treated field recordings), microphone, sound processing
(electroharmonix Bigmuff, analogue delay), amplification

duration: 32 minutes+

Developed during the summer of 1997, and commissioned by Chisenhale Dance
Space London as part of an International Festival of Improvisation. Daily
walks into the uplands at Llanaelheaern, Llyn peninsula by Simon Whitehead.
A process of field research into ley lines and funeral paths; dowsed, and
walked, locating a number of energetic maps subsequently transposed onto
the performance space.

Sound recordings were made on these routes; details of water sources, sheep,
wind through a gate, radio scanning and breath. These were sent to Barnaby
Oliver by post, along with maps, then edited and treated digitally to create
a performance tape. The tape was mixed and treated live. Petrified oak tree
found and gathered over 3 days, placed as found, in the performance space.
Twenty two tormentil ( flowering herb, used as pain killer) gathered, one
picked every 100 steps, whilst walking a grid line from Bwlch Mawr to Gyrn
Goch. Mounted on card, and placed in order on a wall. A text spoken and
written live as a memory of an ascending walk on Gyrn Goch. Rolls of paper
rolled to describe lines, written on, used as boundaries and finally recycled
to recreate the topology of the Llanaelheaern uplands. Movement scores map
the subtle energy pathways of the body, etched on the surface of the body
and explored as energetic/ somatic states.

map: Pathfinder 801 (sheet 34/44) Llanaelhaearn. OS Ref: 408476-427478.