location: Tinahely Courthouse Centre, Co. Wicklow, Eire

dates: August 2001

On rare occasions, this side of the Irish Sea, it is possible to glimpse the Wicklow hills, 80 miles away. When the position of the falling sun in the West is right, the mountains appear in silhouette. A poetic glimpse of an invisible coastline, a place across the sea.

In collaboration with elders and children from Tinahely, this work attempted to assimilate and make tangible this remote image. Through daily postings of sound and image from West Wales, via the net and airmail, an installation resourced with mac, speakers, wind guitars, recorded and live sound, tarpaulins, blown-up photos, river and sea water slowly evolved.

The project culminated on 31 August with a final event synthesised from this remote process.

PACT Funded