g39, Cardiff
April 11-14

programme: ‘homings incorporates three diverse, but intersecting process
strands and geographies; part meditation on the desire to roam and the
equal longing to return home, this work combines sound, video and gathered
materials as
place,memory and presence with the paradox nature of perception through
movement. Seeking a home in the indeterminate, the shimmering animal,
the wandering human… ‘

A walk across Cardiff, through the lanes via the city centre to the gallery.
Simon carries the recording of a horse walking ( recorded in West Wales
a few days before whilst taking a horse to its spring pasture across the
village of St.Dogmaels).

He walks in time with its steps, people follow him and more people are
gathered along the route.

‘by bringing the sound of the horse back to the city we ask questions
about the relatively recent dissapearance of this animal from our streets,
the action is about absence and the evocation of memory.’ people enter
the gallery whilst gorse flowers and grasses are infused on a primus stove.
Oliver has installed walls with speakers, the building resounds to low
frequency sound sourced from recordings of the wind from Carn Meibion
Owen. on the top floor the sound literally vibrates and animates gorse
and grasses placed on a horizontal speaker housed under floorboards, on
another floor recorded slow motion video of wild ponies and urban pigeons
is projected on a wall above a table, this combines with real time video
captured of the viewers bodies, projecting their image into the video
field alongside these animals, using delay and feedback system.

A meditative space.

aberystwyth arts centre
april 18

a walk led by a white shire horse carrying three 8 yr old boys (Sam, Ryan
and Nemos), the audience follow on a route to the installation. On arrival
the boys dance ’round the horse, then lead people into the space. One
circular space housing all elements of video , sound and sensory materials…gorse,
grasses, earth, horse and pigeon.
Over the next two years a triptych of works will be developed in conjunction
with a horse. The horse will lead people on journeys through terrains
and architectures unfamiliar to their presence.