materials: table, plastic horse, balloons, paper, video camera, monitor,
microphones (2x PZM), biofeedback monitor, sound processing (wah pedal,
digital delay, compressor), amplification

Winter 1999. Field work on daily walks to a field of horses above
village of St.Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire. Objects made from collected horsehair
and hazel rods. Work installed at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
as part of short residency; culminating in 6 hour durational event, titled
skyclad. Small black plastic horse on table top, digicam closeup transmitted
to monitor at other end of room. Each hour horse is painted a different
colour. Room is microphoned, movement and any viewers intervention is
amplified, delayed and dowsed/ mixed live. Photo interventions every hour
by photographer Phil Martin. A daylight work, there is video feedback
of the image as light fades. Ultimately horse is burned, attached to a
helium balloon and released to the sky along with paper horses attached
to other balloons by audience members. Ends in darkness.