Friday November 14th 2004, 7pm:

Transmission from Carn Llwyd, 185 metres above sea level, Preseli, West

Reception at Free Space, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.

Saturday November 15th 2004, 7pm:

Transmission from Cesig duon, sea level, Pembrokeshire Coast National
Park, West Wales.

Reception at Free Space, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.


rutland 503 portable wind turbine (sr60 12 volt)

2x audio technica binaural microphones

2x whirlwind 5 metre shielded cables

2x fender mini deluxe amplifiers

2x woolworths 10 litre plastic buckets

2x motorola mobile phones

In Preseli, West Wales, Whitehead draws a small triangular field on the
ground. At 2 points he places the amplifiers inside the buckets. Wearing
binaural microphones on his wrists, the resulting feedback field is sensitive
to any small movements he makes, and to changes in his environment. This
sound is transmitted via 2 mobile phones to Cardiff.


2x motorola mobile phones

soundcraft mixer

2x dca-550 power amplifiers

3x tannoy t8 speakers

Signals are received by 2 mobile phones, and projected into a triangular
speaker configuration consisting of 2 channels plus a phase-inverted mono
mix. Whitehead’s actions within the remote environment are expanded and
relocated into the receiving space.

TEST is a new research and development project examining the translocation
of movement, touch, and thought via sound.

Sponsored by Cardiff 2008 in association with Chapter. Duration
12 mins max.