research: Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff, 2000

performance: na

materials: roll of paper, mobile phones, microphones, speakers,
electronics, guitar, ampifier, rowan tree, video camera and monitor, string,
gaffa tape

..testing..is a body of studio research that is concerned with place-sensitive
and kinaesthetic systems for physical and sonic performance. Looking directly
towards generating work that deals with the interface between movement,
sound and ecology and the hybrid spaces that blend these elements. This
search is raw, and often indisciplined in its nature, and during short
intense bursts of activity, we attempt on an unconscious level, to reveal
some engaging new avenues to pursue in our work. Typically, we are using
technology to mediate and expose symbolic relationships between nature
and the body, the body and environment, inside and outside.

6-14 May, Chapter Arts Centre, as part of 12 Days of Risk
working with a roll of recycled paper and video camera, recording the
physical and sensual memory of the body left in the paper..creating forms
and warmth; video shot in fading twilight in Chapter corridor. Working
within an electronic feedback landscape, moving whilst wearing binaural
microphones on head, dowsing for sonic hotspots. Undulating pitch manifested
in movement through audible sonic topology. Marks made on large paper
map contained in studio, evocative of different sound states, paper figures
and forms left as totems. Informal sharing of work on Sunday 14 May, audience
invited to enter the space and listen to changes in sound caused by their

4-10 September, Chapter Arts Centre, as part of short residency

A guitar and feedback, microphones, paper and video camera mediating the
movement and sound of wind in a rowan tree outside, into the studio, singing
to the tree, dancer Stirling Steward works with paper as medium
to develop actions and choreographies..then used as movement scores. Space
slowly fills with paper used during the week, stitched delicately with
red thread. Figures and forms made with paper, string and gaffa tape.
Audience invited to view through the door. A meditation on the edges between
inner and outer, a fragile space.