2 miles an hour
2 filltir yr hour
2mph beyond the walk.. representations..

29 Sept. 10am
walk via Blackfriars Bridge (only London bridge still licensed for livestock) to give informal presentation at 'Nightwalking' conference South Bank Centre.

tent with notebooks, maps, minidisc and speaker
cart with video, goose, dog, prints

invite audience into tent, to handle material, converse with us..

pm, drive to Cardiff.
Experimentica festival , Chapter Arts Centre
Install objects and relics of journey in small room;

write from our notebooks on the walls, sound playing from minidisc inside bag, text scroller playing texts from each day's walk, video projected from inside cart onto wall, maps, food on plates, blackberry jam made in the borders, goose reclined, dogs sticks with map references, walking stick, photographic prints of journey home by car, rose hips gathered from hedgerows on sticky tape.

opens 3 Oct.

The return Journey. Y Daith Adre. Clynfyw, Pembrokeshire
28 Dec.evening event in farm outbuildings.
Installation in Large Barn
Live processing of photographic images, sound, video from cart and portraits of elderly men made en route, notebooks on table, postcards and envelopes with daily maps drawn on the back, goose , dog sticks, maps halogen lamps, text scroller, hot drinks and conversation.

Part of group event with ointment artists.2003-2004,
preparation and design of book to house writings, images and video of 2mph journey.
launch 2004, Cardiff.

2 miles an hour
2 filltir yr hour
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