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Day 26, Saturday 27th
Hi Pete, Simon and Gertie,

My welsh computer wouldn't work in Norfolk so I have only just made contact with your web page. To think it has taken me as long to get reconnected electronically as it has taken you three to walk to London.
Well guys, you are just about there as I write and you will be past the blisters stage. Your feet will be well toughened. But if you are still in need of remedy suggestions don't hesitate to contact me.
I hope the weather has been as good along the way as it has been over here - 4 days of rain in the 4 weeks. Oh yes and can I take this opportunity to say Happy 40th. to Iain for the 21st.(and hi to Paula) It's Alice's 15th birthday tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing images of the trip. Let me know where I can see them in England?
Well, congratulations to both of you on a successful trip and enjoy London.
Lots of love,

Colin and Carol still at The Swan Llansawel, Following your progress with
great interest and looking forward to your book, Colin missed you in Abingdon
but perhaps you will pass this way again and have a beer or two on us, good
luck and happy droving Colin "Swan"

Day 24, Thursday 25th
Dear Peter, Simon, dog & goose

Been following your progress - you certainly picked the right weather to do this walking. Have enjoyed the message board comments. I had no idea there was an old Drover's Road in Canton - must go and find it this weekend.
Don't hitch any lifts on canal boats!

Looking forward to seeing you at journey's end.

love Jake and Carys

Day 23, Wednesday 25th
Hi Peter and Simon and Gertie
Glad things have gone so well Well done Keep it up I should think London will be a bit of a shock. Nick is going to meet you at Cardiff Keep in touch Missing
you like mad Love Jill

Day 22, Tuesday 24th
Hi Pete
Hope is well, there is no sight finer than a man and his goose striding out across the fields. I am enjoying the maps, sounds and photographs.
love Iain and Paula.
P.S. I was 40 yesterday.

Day 17, Thursday 19th
we are following your journey with interest and keeping granpa up to date by printing off the web site ! hope it hasn,t been umbrella and wellie walking today,it,s been pouring here. look forward to hearing your news
take care
love anne &harryxx

Day 11, Friday 13th
thought we would send a brief report to the message board..

DAY 9. Wobage Farm, Herefordshire our first rest day, perry harvest in the orchard.

thanks to jem and pet for putting us up and to all those people who have given us a welcome in the hillside on our way through..

crossed the border yesterday and walked through country peppered with welsh and english place names, we gathered blackberries from all of them, will make 'border' jam tomorrow. as we arrived here last night at 8pm hot air balloons were dropping infields nearby and slowly deflating, this feels like what we are doing today..resting feet and bones.

so many rich encounters so far, walking pace feels so ancient at times; however yesterday walking on the A40 dual carriageway against the traffic was our most extreme encounter with the car so far.

scots pine herald us at significant turns, we seem to syncronise with swallows most mornings as we set out..at Tre Phillip they were circling the house at 7am casting shadows into our bedroom and calling us on. Gertie, Petes dog is doing famously and keeping the pack together, the goose is looking a little worse for wear.

we wanted to ask if anyone knew which of the london bridges has a bye law which allows the movement of cattle and sheep across it..a man in a pub in Bwlch told us about this but couldn't remember which bridge. also any remedies for shin splints welcomed..

no access to web, but messages are relayed to us occasionally
best for now
Simon & Pete

Day 10, Thursday 12th
Hope your journey is going well and you are enjoying the sunshine and scenery. See you are at Wobage today so love to you all, good luck
Anne & Harry

Lovely to read your journey... even more exciting doing it backwards. Quite dizzying actually- and such a long way, in steps and contrasts! What sights you must be seeing. Does the air smell different? Enjoyed seeing the enve-maps. Confused, is the wiggly line a Drovers Road? or hills?
Wish you both very well.
Miriam xx

Colin & Carol "THE SWAN" Llansawel, Keep trekking boys dog & goose. All here following your progress, perhaps you should have taken our cat and the dalmations with you, Colin is trying to locate old drove road maps to pass to you, Glen thinks most were passed by word of mouth, but some have been recorded.
Good luck and fair weather Colin "SWAN"

Day 9, Wednesday 11th
Dear Gertie,
My feet still hurt, though its been a week. Hoping you are doing fine and the guys too. Been looking at the webfeet site and wonder how come the goose's feet get more notice than canine hoofs which do more hard work than anyone?
Anyway, enough. The rain has stopped here and a little more harvest to do.
Take care all of you and walk well.
Noggin-the Dog.

Day 8, Tuesday 10th
Dear Drovers
I am enjoying the daily maps and messages. (Lovely to see how close you have been to where we spent our lovely holiday in the Brecon beacons.) Wishing you more zebras and treasures under trees.
Rosie London

Hi there Simon and Peter
Chinook sounds ominous - friends around the country have reported the skies more filled than normal with these machines. The applemint gets my vote. Been filming birds on wires and trying to figure out the music they make all summer. Swallows and Martins about to leg it to Africa. Wonder if you might come across any of their parting shapes/tunes/messages..

Looking forward to seeing you in London SBC
best wishes along your way
Graeme Miller

Day 7, Monday 9th
Hi Peter, Simon and Gertie
So glad to hear from Ellie that all is well. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday Do let us know where to meet and if you need anything
Lots of love Jilly

Dear Drovers
glad to hear that you are on your way, we'd love to know more about your route and where you are being led. Is the drove now all turned to A-road and moterway or is there still quite some untarmaced earth to be trodden? Si, I thought you weren't allowed any of Mrs. Jones' cake, you know you must look after those toes of yours, naughty and nice but they won't thank you for it!! lots of love and luck, and the kettles on here if you pass by our little bit of drove road. j & p

Day 6, Sunday 8th
Not getting any of your daily postings showing -
But hope all's jolly bloody good on the road -
love from London - A xxxx

Hi there, keeping up on your travels, how are the feet, the dog and the goose?


Day 5, Saturday 7th
Colin and Carol at "The Swan" Llansawel following your progress also keepin Glenville informed, Colin hoping to bump into you on your journey good luck
Colin "Swan"

How's it hangin?
Hope to catch up with you along the way. I'm very proud to have such a mad brother whose happy to make an ass of himself
the square one

Day 4, Friday 6th
Dear both

Bet Davies here is incredibly interested in your journey and has a couple of questions:

Are there tar on the animals feet?

Where will you be on Monday?

She also has some advice: keep an eye open for 3 Scots pines! They mark a hostel or overnight accommodation.

Thanks and enjoy!


Katie Steadman
Cardiff 2008

Dear Drovers all
Any chance of dating your diary postings. ? There are the remains of an old Drovers Road in Canton - Do you know it ? It's right next to the Leckwith and Droves Allotments. Still lined with May trees - but probably not for much longer ;the CCC want to sell the land for 'retail development' ie shops.Get thete before it's covered in concrete.
Keep on keeping on.
Richard Berry Cardiff

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